Getting Started with Rentvine: Suggested Monthly Workflow

This document will walk you through the most common workflow processes for a property manager. The steps below are meant as a suggested guide that has links to direct you on how to accomplish the steps.

Step 1 - Configure Management Fees

In Rentvine you have the ability to create multiple management fee settings.  Once you create a setting you can then assign it to a property.  This step is usually already completed during the onboarding process.  If not click the link below to take you to the article that explains how to configure your management fees.

How to Set up Management Fees


Step 2 - Collect Rent

  • AUTO: Rentvine will automatically record tenant payments made through the resident portal. 
  • MANUAL: Cash, Check or Money Order payments will need to be manually recorded by the PM in the respective lease.

How to Record a Payment


Step 3 - Deposit Money

  • AUTO: Rentvine will automatically record the deposit of tenant portal payments as settlements.
  • MANUAL: Once you deposit Cash, Check, or Money Order payments into your bank account, you will need to manually record the deposit in Rentvine.

How to Record a Deposit


Step 4 - Work Orders 

Throughout the month you may need to create/manage work orders for your managed properties (i.e. service requests from tenants).

  • AUTO: Work orders can be submitted via the resident portal
  • MANUAL: Work orders can be manually added within Rentvine

How to Add/Edit a Work Order


Step 5 - Create Bills

Throughout the month you may need to create/add bills from invoices you receive from your vendors.

How to Add/Edit a Bill


Step 6 - Pay Bills

Select the bills you would like to pay. Payment method (check, eCheck or ACH) will default to the configured settings on the vendor's contact page. 


Step 7 - Post Management Fees and Pay Management Company (Yourself)

Time to collect management fees.  Head over to the Manager page to collect and payout management fees to your company.

How to Post Management Fees 


Step 8 - Pay Owners

Select the owners you would like to pay at this time. Payment method (check, eCheck or ACH) will default to the configured settings on the owner's contact page. 



Step 9 - Send Owner Statements

Send owners their statements to show them their most recent reporting period’s property and financial details.

How to Send Owner Statements


Step 10 - Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation will ensure that your bank accounts in Rentvine match the deposits and withdrawals of your bank statement.

How to Complete a Bank Reconciliation