How to Record a Deposit

This article will walk you through recording a deposit in your Rentvine account


Once you deposit money into your bank account (i.e deposits for Cash, Check, or Money Orders), you will need to record the deposit in Rentvine. Recording deposits in Rentvine will help to ensure that you are recording everything in Rentvine that is occurring with your bank account(s), and will help with the reconciliation process.


Any payments from tenants or owners that are made through the portal (i.e. eCheck, credit cards or cash pay), will be automatically deposited into your bank account and are automatically recorded as a settlement in your Rentvine account.

Go to the "Record Deposit" page.

    • On the top of the page, click on the Quick Actions menu button and then click on Record Deposit.


    • On the left side, click on Accounting
    • Then, click on Banking from the drop down
    • In the Banking screen, click on the green Actions button on the right side, and then click on New Deposit from the drop down

2.  In the Record Deposit page, complete the necessary fields to make your deposit

    • Account - choose the correct bank account for this deposit
    • Deposit Number - a number should populate as the next deposit number recorded in your Rentvine account, but you can override this if needed
    • Description - Enter in a description for the deposit
    • Date Deposited - Enter the date that you made the deposit into your bank account
    • Drag files here to upload - You can also upload a file(s) to this deposit as well by dragging and dropping a file into this section.  You can also click on this section to browse your computer for a file to upload.
    • The lower section of the page will show all of the undeposited payments. Select the checkbox next to the payments that you want to record as deposited or click on the  Select All box to select all the payments on the list. As you click each checkbox, you'll notice the total of the Deposit Amount will update.

When you have selected all of the payments that you wish to record as deposited in Rentvine, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen or click the Save and Add Another button to record another deposit.