How to View a Portfolio Ledger

This article will show you how to view and understand the Portfolio Ledger. It will show all the increases and decreases to that ledger along with the balance on it.

The portfolio ledger is a combination of every single transaction that has happened on every property and lease under this portfolio. You will be able to view every one of these transactions by clicking the hyperlinks attached. You will also get a breakdown of what account all the money is in. For example you will be able to see all of the money that you have in accounts flagged as "Held Liability". You can also hover over the black 'i' icon to get a breakdown of why money is in this account.

  • From the navigation menu select Portfolio


  • Next, select the portfolio you want to view


  • Select Ledger from the Top Navigation menu


  • The ledger will show all financial details for that portfolio along with all the increases and decreases to that ledger with the balance attached. 

For more information on the balances on the top of the page, click here


  • Lastly, you can customize the ledger adding additional columns and filters by selecting the Customize button