How to Update Tax Information for 1099 Tax Reporting

This article assumes that you have already configured your tax reporting settings. It will show you how to recompile your tax reporting so your updated information shows for all payees.


  • You will start by going to your account tab on the left side of the screen and clicking on the tab labeled transactions. In here you will click on the green actions button in the top right then click on the option labeled "Tax Reporting".


  • This will bring up all of your 1099 tax reporting for the year. Click the green actions button in the top right again and click on the option labeled "Recompile".


  • In this page you will need to change the compilation option to the one labeled "Update ALL Information".  Please be sure to pick the proper tax year that you want to report on. This will show all of the new information you have put in for everyone that needs to receive a 1099. Then you will click the green compile option and everything will be updated.  If you want to include Prepayments be sure to toggle that on as well.