How to Record a Payment that was Made Outside of Rentvine

Have you paid on owner or a vendor outside of Rentvine but still need to record that it happened without actually sending the payment again?

  1. From the left navigation menu click on Accounting / Money Out. Then click on the green Actions button and select New Single Payment.

  2. On the new Payment page enter the following details below and then click Post:

    • Payee - Select the contact name (owner or vendor).

    • Bank Account - Select the bank account the payment was made from.

    • Date Posted -  Enter the date the payment was made,

    • Payment Type -  Select check

You must choose Check.  This is the option to use when wanting to record a payment that happened outside of Rentvine.


    • Check Number - Enter a description such as, payment made outside of Rentvine (Note, if left blank Rentvine will use the next check number)
    • Ledger - Select the portfolio, property or unit.
    • Account - Select the appropriate chart of account (i.e, Owner Distribution or Plumbing Repair)
    • Amount - Enter the amount that was paid.
    • Description - Enter text that describes the payment.  This will appear on the owner statement.