How to Configure Personal Notifications including Slack integration

This article will show you how a user can decide which notifications they want to receive and how those notifications are delivered (system, email, text or slack)

The personal notifications setting page provides users with the ability to customize their notifications according to their preferences. Users can easily check notifications on or off based on their importance. Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose the preferred mode of receiving notifications, such as through the app (system), email, text, and/or Slack.


Any changes you make to your personal notification settings on this page, whether turning them on or off, will be reflected on the "all users" notification settings page. This will be displayed by indicating whether your user account is set as a recipient for the respective notification.

  • Start by going to Settings / Personal Notifications

Integrate with Slack to receive notifications to your slack account

The integration with Slack not only enables users to receive notifications, but also empowers them to take action directly from Slack. For instance, if a user is notified about a new work order submitted by a resident, they can easily assign the work order within Slack without the need to go through Rentvine.


  • Once you are on the page you can customize your notifications


  • Click Save when finished