How to Configure Account Notifications

Alerts contacts outside of your Rentvine users when certain actions or events occur in your Rentvine account.

Manager notifications are configured per user and cannot be disabled here.
This page enables you to set up extra email addresses or phone numbers to receive notifications. This section is more used to add a group email or the email/ phone number of a someone that is not a user in your system. To manage YOUR notifications, you can follow this article. Personal Notification settings

Setup Notifications for all users

  • Start by going to Settings / Notifications

The Notifications page allows you to choose who gets notified for certain actions or events.

  • The tabs on top organize the notifications into types.  Select the type of notifications that you want to configure.
    • Manager - Here you can add contacts from outside of your system or group emails to receive certain notifications
    • Owner - Notifications that are useful for Owners
    • Vendor - Notifications that are useful for Vendors
    • Applicant - Notifications that are useful for Applicants
    • Tenant - Notifications that are useful for Tenants

  • Once you have selected one of the tabs, you can then select the notification(s) that you want to configure.  For example, if you want to configure extra users to get notified when a Tenant Payment is received:
    • Click on Tenant Payment
    • Select the Recipients that you want the notification to go to. by adding an email or a phone number for this notification. 

Please note that these are global and the user added will receive a notification for this event regardless of the assignee

    • If you want to configure other notifications you can click on every individual notification.  Once you are satisfied with what is configured, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page so all the changes are saved.