How do I integrate my listings with ShowMojo?

Rentvine has a property listing feed that sends data directly to your ShowMojo account. Read more to learn about setting up this integration on your account.

About ShowMojo

ShowMojo is a leasing automation platform for property managers. This leasing automation solution can perform multiple functions for you from answering calls and emails from interested parties to scheduling showings and gathering feedback from those viewing the property. This enables you to increase your door count without the need to add more staff and overhead.

How to Integrate ShowMojo with your Rentvine account:

  • Login to your Rentvine account.
  • In the lower left corner click on the ellipsis menu icon and select Settings from the options list. 

  • Under Properties & Units select --> Marketing Settings


  • Give the showing provider setting a name. 
  • If this will be your default provider be sure to select that option. 
  • Choose ShowMojo from the list of providers. 
  • Enter your ShowMojo account number (You can find your ShowMojo account number by signing into your ShowMojo account.  See the screenshot below)
  • Click on the Save button.


Once the settings are configured in your account you will need to notify Showmojo that you have a new data source for your property listings. Send an email to including your company name and your Rentvine subdomain.  In the example below, the subdomain would be 123pm

Your active properties will automatically be included in the listing feed to Showmojo. As with all feeds this is not instant. There is always a delay as there are scheduled times for the systems to communicate with each other to receive updated data.