What is the Process For Requesting and Viewing a Vendor Review?

This article will show you how to ask a resident to review a vendor after a work order has been completed. Then once the review is submitted, how to view it

The Vendor review feature is to let the property manager know how a specific vendor is treating the tenant and property, that the property manager is managing. The resident is the one who gives the review on the vendor. 

  • Navigate to the work order that you want to request a review
  • Once you are on the work order details page, change that status of the work order to one of the closed statuses.  You can do this by clicking Edit and then selecting the relevant status

  • After choosing a Closed status, provide the Date closed and enter any Closing Comments. Upon doing so, you will see a message indicating that a review request will be sent to the resident. To proceed with sending the request, simply save the form. This will result in the closure of the work order and an automatic notification to the resident, informing them that you have requested a review of the vendor.

To refrain from sending a vendor review request, select Disable instead. Afterward, save the form, and the work order will be closed without sending any vendor review request.

  • The resident will receive a notification that looks similar to the example below.  They can simply click on the Complete Review button and they can complete the review

    Example of what the resident sees when submitting the review for the work order


  • Once the resident completes the review the property manager assigned to the work order receives a notification that the review is completed.  The review is then viewable by going to the work order details page.

If you want to delete the review for any reason, click Delete.  If the review is deleted, you will then have the option to resend a review request