What are Tags? How to Create One and Apply Them to Objects (Portfolios, Properties, Leases), etc...

Tags give you the ability to label objects, such as portfolios, properties, units, leases, work orders, and contacts for the purposes of reporting and filtering.

To add Tags go to Settings>Other>Tags


Next, select "Add Tags" on the top right hand corner.


The system will then prompt you to name the tag and select "Save."


Once the steps above are completed you can start Tagging objects in Rentvine.

Below is an example of how you can tag an object in Rentvine.

In this particular scenario above we are looking at a Portfolio, but you have this function across Properties, Leases, Work Orders, and Contacts.


Once you have tagged various objects you can run reports and also filter areas within the software to narrow down a search.

When running reports you will have an additional filter that can be selected to view tags:


When sending Mass Messages you can filter by Tags:

The Tag filter will appear on Mass Messages to Portfolio and Leases.


And Lastly when paying owners you can see the Tags filter as well: