Trouble Registering Your Portal Access or Accessing Rentvine

Are you receiving an error message once you click on "accept invite" from your email? Are you having trouble accessing Rentvine?

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If you are currently using Frontier Fiber Optic internet as your internet provider, you may have a router named EERO. As a default setting this router blocks access to rentvine and will not let you into our software. We are attempting to work with the vendor to to get this fixed but in the meantime they are 2 options.

  • Access Rentvine through you mobile device via your own personal data plan (LTE or 5G)
  • On your EERO router app you can follow the snippet below to allow access from rentvine!


Snipper for Frontier EERO App
- Open EERO App
- Go to DISCOVER tab
- Select eero Secure
- Scroll down to Block & Allow Sites
- Select ALLOWED tab
- Add
- Add Allowed Site


Despite following these steps if you are still experiencing  issue please submit a ticket to!