Owners vs Portfolios

Below are some details that explain the difference between owner contacts and portfolios and how they are related to each other in Rentvine

What is an owner contact?

  • It is a person or business
  • Contact information is defined here (i.e. phone number, email, address)
  • Tax information for 1099 forms is defined here (i.e. EIN/Tax ID)
  • Payment method is defined here (i.e. check, eCheck, ACH)
  • Owner Portal access is managed here (i.e. send portal invitations)

What is a portfolio?

  • A grouping of one or more owner contacts and one or more properties
  • Distribution percentages and tax percentages for each owner contact are defined here
  • A portfolio holds the ledger which tracks all the income and expenses across all of the properties held by the portfolio and tracks all of the owner contact(s) distributions and contributions
  • Owner Statements are created and sent to the owner contacts who are part of their respective portfolio(s)

Explain the relationship between an owner and a portfolio

  • Owner contact(s) are the owners of a portfolio
  • A portfolio holds the properties that the owner contact(s) own

What are the benefits of a portfolio concept?

  • It provides the flexibility to configure your Rentvine account the best for your business (i.e. property-based accounting or portfolio-based accounting)
  • If you have a portfolio with multiple properties, you can pay bills without having to transfer money from one property to another
  • You can add one or more owner contacts and define any distribution percentage and tax percentage that would apply to that specific portfolio