Landlord Verification for Applicants

Would you like to check with previous landlords regarding new applicants? This article will show you how to send out this verification.

This feature is enabled automatically for you in the system. The only thing you will need to go to your application template(s) and make sure these fields are set to required for this verification to be used effectively. 

  • Current Address> Rent/Own
  • Current Address> Monthly Payment
  • Current Address> Move In Date
  • Current Address> Manager Name
  • Current Address> Manager Email
  • Address History> Rent/Own
  • Address History> Monthly Payment
  • Address History> Move In Date
  • Address History> Move Out Date
  • Address History> Manager Name
  • Address History> Manager Email


Please note that a system addendum is now attached to all applications and can not be removed. This is a consent form the applicant must sign that allows you to reach out to the applicants previous landlords. Below is an example of how that addendum looks (Please open this picture in another window for a better view of the full adenda).


  • When new applications are submitted, you will begin to see the landlord verification automatically populate . To view these you can go to a specific application and click view applicant. 


  • In here you will see the tab labeled "Landlord Verification". If those fields were filled out during the application process you will see the information and a send button. If you click send this will send a forum of generic questions to that landlord to them to fill out. 


  • Here is the email that is sent to the landlord, with a link to a forum to fill out.


  • Once this is completed you will see this in the same landlord verification section. All you have to do is click view results. This will give you all of the information for the landlord and all of the answers they submitted. 


The following are the generic questions that are automatically sent out. For any questions that are answered with "No" there is a box that they can enter any additional information:

  • Was proper move out notice given? Yes or No 
  • Did they have any NSF or late payments? Yes or No
  • Did they have an outstanding balance? Yes or No
  • Were there any lease violations? Yes or No
  • Did they have any pets? Yes or No
  • Are they a friend or relative of yours? Yes or No
  • Have they completed their lease terms? Yes or No
  • Was the unit kept in good condition? Yes or No
  • Would you rent to this person again? Yes or No


Please note that there is also a notification under settings> notification for this landlord verification. You can select users that you would like to be notified when this verification is completed by the previous landlord.