How to View a Tenant/ Lease Ledger

Do you need to see the tenant ledger for a specific lease? This article will show you how to view a tenant/ lease ledger on any lease in Rentvine

1.  Click on the tab labeled "Leases" on the left side of the screen. This will pull up a list of all the leases you have. 


2.  Next you will search for the specific lease you want to send a chat message in. You will then click on that property to pull up the lease.



3.  You will then click on the "Ledger" tab at the top to view the ledger. You will then be able to see all of the transactions that have happened in this lease. 



4.  You can press the actions button on the ledger page to pull up all of the export options and a save button for the lease ledger.



5.   You can also click the blue customize button in the ledger. This will allow you to customize the ledger report you want to run. You can add filters or columns that you want to include on the report then press the "Run Report" button to populate the report.