How to Use the Non-Revenue Feature to Prevent a Vacant Unit from Showing on a Vacancy Report

Do you have a property that is vacant and do not want it to contribute towards your vacancy count? The Non-Revenue Unit feature will prevent a vacant property from showing on the Vacancy report.

In some situations, you may have an active property that is vacant and do not want it to show on your vacancy report. Perhaps a property is having maintenance performed, being remodeled, or the owner is considering selling. In these instances where you want to keep the property active, you can use the Non-Revenue Unit feature to prevent this property from showing on the vacancy report. Please follow the steps below to turn this feature on for a property.

  1. Navigate to the property where you wish to turn on this feature
    1. Click Property on the left menu
    2. When the section expands, click on Properties 
    3. Type in the address of the property into the search field, and click on it when it appears
  2. Once on the property, locate the Rental Details section towards the right
  3. Click the Pencil button in that section
  4. On that pop-up, scroll to the bottom of that section and locate the Non-Revenue Unit toggle button
  5. Click the toggle "Yes" turn it on.  After turning the toggle on, complete the fields that populate below
    1. Click on the Non-Revenue Type field to select one of the reasons. This is a required field
    2. Enter in a Non-Revenue Start date if you would like to track the day this property started with this status
  6. Once you are finished, click the green Update button at the bottom
  7. While this property has this status, it will not appear in your Vacancy report. The property will remain to have this status until it is manually turned off