How to Submit Corrections for 1099's

This article will walk you through the steps on how to create a correction and download the FIRE File.

Under Tax Reporting you will see a list of Payee's for the current reporting year. 

Select the pencil icon associated to the contact which needs a correction.


Next, the Modify Tax Record screen will appear. At the bottom of the menu you will check off "Is Correction."


You will select a Correction Reason:


When Tax Identifier or Payee Name is selected you will need to enter the previously recorded information under the Correction Reason field:


Once the information above is completed, please update the Payee name and Tax-ID with the new corrections that will be reported to the IRS in the fields above the Correction Reason drop down.


If the Correction Reason is "Payment Amount." Please the update the Taxable Amount and click Save.  


At this time please do not select "Other" as your Correction Reason, this option will not update a tax record.


Once you've made the all corrections to your Payee's, select the payee's you have made changes to.


Lastly, select Actions>Download FIRE File. This will generate a FIRE file that can be used to upload to the IRS.  It will download to your device.