How To Sign-In to View Multiple Owner Portals with One Email Account

For owners who need access to more than one owner portal, you can now sign in to the Owners Portal without registering for a new account

If you have already registered for an owner portal, and your property manager has sent you an additional invitation to access another owner portal, please follow the instructions below to access multiple owner portals with the same email address.


  1. After accepting one portal invitation, you will accept the other portal invitations, but you will not need to register another account with the same email address.  Click on the Accept Invite Button and it will redirect you to the Owners Registration Form.

  2. Skip the registration and click the link found at the the bottom of the registration screen that says “Already have an Account? Sign In”.

  3. Enter the same email address and password that the other "owners" are using and click sign in.   After signing in, the owners will then have access to both owners and portfolios.