Two-Factor Authentication

For security reasons and to avoid any fraud potential, it is always a good idea to add two factor authentication when generating payouts.


Please note that two factor authentication is enabled for all users, owner, tenants and vendors in order to register and login to their Rentvine account.


  •  Two factor authentication will default to your email address used to register your Rentvine account. You will be prompted to sign in and receive an authentication code to your email. This will look like the below. 

  • If you would like you can enable the two factor code to be sent via a text message to your phone. To do this you can click the ellipses next to your name in the bottom left. From here click "My Profile". 


  • From here you will be able to click on "Setup Phone Number" under the Two Factor box.


  • This will take you to a screen where you can enter your phone number. This will also prompt you with another verification code that will be sent to your email. You will need to enter this MFA code in order to change your phone number. 

Once this is done the two factor verification codes will be sent to this phone number by default. If needed, you will still have the option to send this by email even after it is sent to the phone number on file. 



  • You can also control if you want to require two factor authentication for all payouts. From your global settings you can click on accounting settings. Under general there is an option to enable "Is Two Factor Required for Payout Approval". If this toggle is on it will be required to enter in the MFA code that is sent to either your phone or email. This is to add an extra layer of security so every payout uses MFA before being sent out. 

Please note that this toggle will be set on by default. You can disable this two factor authentication for payout approval. For security purposes this is not recommended and you will see the following notice:


Here is an example of a payout with two factor authentication required.