How to Send Multiple Portal Invitations

Follow the steps below to send out portal invitations to multiple contacts (owners, tenants, or vendors)

  • From the dashboard view of Rentvine
  • Go to the settings page (click on the ellipsis next to your name in the lower left corner of the page and select Settings)
  • Under ‘Portals’ on the right side, click on Send Portal Invitations. See below

  • In the Contact Type dropdown, select which type of portal invitations you would like to send - Owner , Tenant or Vendor
  • You can Select All by clicking the box next to Contact Name. See below

  • Rentvine will automatically check the options to Exclude Registered Contacts, Exclude Invited Contacts, and Exclude Pending Leases. You are able to uncheck any of these options if you would like to
  • It is important to check if email addresses are missing for any contacts. If so, you’ll want to add the email address for that contact before sending their portal invitation
  • Once you have all of the contacts selected that you would like to send portal invitations to, click Send Notifications in the bottom right corner