How to Send Chat Messages to the Owners of a Portfolio

This article will show you how to send chat messages to the owners of a portfolio.

Chat messages are sent to all owners of a portfolio. If a portfolio has more than one owner, all the owners will receive the chat message.  Once the chat message is sent, owners will be notified by text or email letting them know that they have received a chat message.  The notification will contain a link that they can click on so they can view the message and/or reply.



The first step is to click on the portfolio tab on the left side of the screen. The next step is to click or search for the specific portfolio you want to send a chat message. Once you select that portfolio you will click the "Chat" tab.


The next step is to write the message in the messaging field. You can also upload files in the perforated field under the message. Make sure to press the green Send button on the right when done writing your message to send it to the owner. In this tab you will also be able to see old chat messages sent, search for old messages, and print the chat.