How to Return an Owner Contribution due to NSF

Did an owner contribution paid by check bounce? Follow the article below to record it.

Step 1 - Find the Owner Payment/Contribution

  • From the left navigation menu click on Accounting and select Money In

  • Click on the Payments tab and narrow your search by choosing Owner Payment in the transaction type filter (Click on More Filter first).  Fill out any other filter fields as necessary.

  • Once you find the owner payment that you want to return, click on the row or the amount to go to the details view of the payment.


Step 2 - Record the Return

  • Once you are in the details view of the payments click on the green Actions button and select  Return.

  • If a pop up appears explaining the return payment, go ahead and click Continue.
  • Lastly a pop up appears to enter the date and description of the return.  Fill in the fields and click Return Payment to complete recording the return.