How to Return a Check Payment (Money Out)

Did you pay owners or vendors using a check and it was returned? This article will show you how to record the return in Rentvine.

Step 1 - Find the Check Payment

  • From the left navigation menu click on Accounting and select Money Out

  • Click on the Payments tab and narrow your search by choosing Check in the payment type filter.  Fill out any other filter fields as necessary.

  • Once you find the payment that you want to return, click on the row or the amount to go to the details view of the payment.


Step 2 - Record the Return

  • Once you are in the details view of the payments, click on the green Actions button and select  Return Payment.

  • If a pop up appears explaining the return payment, go ahead and click Continue.
  • Lastly a pop up appears to enter the date and description of the return.  Fill in the fields and click Return Payment to complete recording the return