How to Record a Bank Transfer

Do you need to record the transfer of money between two bank accounts in Rentvine.

This is typically used to transfer money when a Security Deposit is refunded to a tenant or is used to pay move out charges.  The money may need to be transferred from the Security Deposit bank account to the Operating Rent bank account.  It may also be used to correct Escrow Mismatches.

  • From the left navigation menu click on Accounting then click on Banking.

  • Click on the green Actions button and select New Bank Transfer from the dropdown menu.

  • In the New Bank Transfer form, fill out the fields to record the bank transfer.
    • Top Section - Details 
      • Source Bank Account - Select the appropriate source bank account.
      • Destination Bank Account - Select the appropriate destination bank account.
      • Amount - Enter the total amount to transfer.
      • Reference -  Enter text. i.e., transfer id 234.
      • Description - Enter text to describe this transfer.
      • Date Posted - will pre-fill, but you can adjust this if needed.
    • Bottom Section - Transactions
      • Ledger - Search for the portfolio, property or unit and select it from the dropdown.
      • Amount - Enter the amount.
      • Add Transaction - Click this button if you wish to add additional entries.
        For example you may want to record the transfer of multiple Security Deposits from multiple leases.  
    • Click Transfer Funds at the bottom of the form.

Below is an example recording of a bank transfer