How to Override the Default Allowed Payment Amount on a Lease

Do you want to change if a tenant can either pay the full amount of charges or any amount? This article will show you how to override the default allowed payment amount on any lease in Rentvine

1.  Click on the tab labeled "Leases" on the left side of the screen. This will pull up a list of all the leases you have. 


2.  Next you will search for the specific lease you want to change the default allowed payment on. You will then click on that property to pull up the lease.



3.  Stay in the tab labeled "Details". You will then look for a box labeled "Lease Info". In the top right of this box click the blue actions button then click the edit button to pull up fillable fields you can change.



4.  You will then look for the toggle at the bottom labeled "Override System Allowed Payment Amount". You will toggle this on and it will populate a dropdown menu where you can select the amount allowed. Make sure to click the green save button to save any edits made.