How To Move Out A Single Tenant From A Lease

Are you needing to move out one tenant from a lease that has multiple tenants on it? This article will show you the process of moving out just one tenant from the lease and keep the other tenants on the lease.


A good example of when you would use this is if you are managing student housing. In this case a lot of tenants would be moving in and out but you would like to keep one lease associated to the property. Following this article you will be able to move certain tenants out without moving all of the tenants out at once and closing the lease. 


First, you will navigate to the lease details page where you want to move the single tenant out of.  You will see under the TENANTS section an ellipse next to their name.  Click on that and select MOVE OUT. 



After selecting move out it will take you to the next screen where you will see the warning banner letting you know that moving this tenant out will disable their recurring payments.  You will also see the section to enter the move out date and to optionally revoke portal access for this tenant.  When complete, Click Save


Once the tenant is moved out, you will see the active tenants on the lease as well as the past tenants that were on the lease for historical purposes.   You can select the dropdown arrow to view all past tenants for that lease. 


You will have the option once this process is completed to Delete the past tenant, move them back in or edit the info.  


Moving out a single tenant will NOT affect any accounting on the lease.  That will have to be done separately by creating a lease charge, releasing a portion of the security deposit or refunding the entire amount for that tenant.