How to Manage Copies of a Rentsign Document

Do you want to receive a copy of a Rentsign document but do not need to be a signer on the document? This article will show you how to receive a copy of the signed document.

  • To get started, you will need to go to the Rentsign tab. In here you can create a new Rentsign document or view documents that have yet to be sent out. For this example we will click into an existing Rentsign document that has not been sent for signatures. In here you will need to click on the "Builder" button. 


  • In the builder of the document you will see a button to "Manage Copies". If you click on this you can add an email address that the signed copy will be sent to. You can add as many emails in this section as you need. This will work similarly to a CC where the parties attached to the document will receive the signed document as well as the people listed in the manage copies field.