How to Hold Distributions From Being Sent to an Owner

This article will show you how to prevent distributions from being sent to an owner by enabling the hold distribution setting on a portfolio

Enabling the hold distribution setting will affect the amount that you can pay owners when going through the Pay Owner process.

For example, if a portfolio has $1,500 available for distribution, but the hold distribution setting is on, the Pay Owner page will restrict the distribution amount to $0.00.




1.  The first step is to click on the "Portfolios" tab on the left side on the screen to pull up all portfolios


2.  You will then search for the specific portfolio you would like to hold distributions on and click it.



3.  In this section you will make sure you are in the tab labeled "Details". In this tab there will be a box also labeled "Details" that you will see.


4.  In this box you will find a button labeled "Edit" in the top right. Click this button to pull up a side bar that you can change anything in the details box.



5.  In this sidebar you will look for a toggle labeled "Hold Distributions" and you can click on it to toggle it on. Once this is done it will hold the distributions from the owner of the portfolio and you can also add comments. Make sure to click the green save button at the bottom of the side bar to save any changes made.