How to Edit the Status of a Lease

Do you need to change the status of a lease (Pending, Active, Closed)? In this article we will go over the steps on how to change/edit the status of a lease.

  • When viewing the Lease Info you will see a field that reads Lease Status.


  • To change the status select Actions>Change Status.


  • The last step is to select a new status from the drop down and click "Save."

Please note you can add more Lease Status options in your Global Settings.


  • Select Settings under your Name Card on the bottom left of you screen:


  • Then under the "Lease" options in your Global Settings select Lease Statuses.


  • When viewing your Lease Status Settings you can select "Add Status."


  • This will prompt you to add a Name and select a Primary Lease Status option.

When selecting "Pending"and "Active" as a Primary Lease Status two different toggles will appear under the Primary Lease Status drop down menu. Please see below:

Pending Move In Status will mark the specific status as a Move In.


Pending Move Out Status will mark the specific status as a Move Out.