How to Edit the Property Type of a Property

Is the property type (Single Family, Townhouse, Multiplex, etc.) incorrect and needs changed? This article will show you how to change that.

Please note that if the toggle was selected for "Multi-Unit" in the creation of the property you will not be able to change it back to a single unit and vice versa


The first step is to click on the "Property" tab on the left side of the screen then click "Properties". Then you will need to select the property you want to edit the property type of. Once selected you will look in the "Details" tab for a box called "Details". In the top right of the box you will click the Pencil  button.



Once you click edit a sidebar will pop out with different options. You will look for the "Property Type" dropdown box and select the correct property type for this property (i.e. Single Family Home, Condo, Apartment, etc.). When you are done click on the green Update button at the bottom of the sidebar to save changes.


Note: You can not switch from a single to multi unit or switch from multi unit to                     single.