How To Edit or Add Check Templates

Within Rentvine you have the capability to edit your check template to create the most personalized check possible for your company.

Below, I will show you the steps on how to get to your check templates in the global settings and how to effectively edit your checks.

  • First click on the ellipsis next to your name on the bottom left corner of the screen and hit on settings.

  • Under accounting settings click on 'Check Templates" and you will have one there by default. Now you can either customize this specific template or create a new one and have both saved in the system.

  • Once you get to the template builder you will notice a lot of different options, Above under Check Template Builder you are able to choose your template name. The Check Stock Type will be where the actual check is printed on the page. In the Offset you will be able to choose the angles of the check if you like it to be Higher/Lower with Y offset and Left/Right with X offset.

  • Now Below the "Check Template Builder" You will notice a lot of different choices you can add into your template, Once you click on a box lets take "Check Number" for example this will highlight which portion of the check you are working on. You will have the ability to select the font size/weight/width/Align.

  • You are able to drag and place the location of where you would like the "Item" to be, so if you wish for the check number to be below the check pay amount you just have to click on the check box number and drag it below.

  • Now we will go over the list of item on the left side and briefly explaining them. 
      1. Company Name: Will be what you currently have listed as company name.

      2. Company Address: Address to where you company is based from.

      3. Bank Name: Name of the bank you are associated with where the funds come from.

      4. Bank Address: Address of the bank you account is associated to.

      5. Check Number: Number of check when printed.

      6. Date: Date of when check is printed.

      7. Payee: Person Receiving the check.

      8. Payee Address: Address of person receiving the check.

      9. Amount: Sum of money being paid out.

      10. Amount Text: Sum of money that's being paid out in writing.

      11. Memo: Memo field adding in the creation of the check

      12. Text: Custom line of text to place in check.

      13. Line: Black line to place on check for signatures.

      14. Box: Box to place on amount paid on check.

      15. Image: Company logo to place on check under authorized signature.

      16. Signature: Allows you to add a signature                                                                               when checks are created. 

    ***Please be aware that the company name and address pulls from the banking information not your actual account name in Retvine.***

  • Below are the steps to change the account name/address for your check templates and where to associate a check template to each bank account in the system.
      1. From the home screen please head over and click on accounting and select banking

      2. Once you arrive in the details page of your bank account you will notice the "Bank Account Information" from here you are able to select which check template to use when paying out bills from that bank account. To edit the name you will need to go on the right side and click on "Edit" under Bank Account Information. This will display a side tab with the details of the bank account,  you can scroll down to see what you would like to be changed within the check.

      3. You can view a preview of the check by clicking (Preview) next to the check template selected in the bank account information
  • If you are still having issues with your check templates please submit a ticket to and one of our team members will assist you shortly!