How To Deactivate-Activate Tenant ACH Refund Deposit Setting on Move out notice

Are you looking to remove/Add the ability for your tenants to request their Security Deposit Refund via ACH instead of check.

By default, in the system, when a tenant submits their move out notice through their portal and selects their refund option, they are only able to choose a paper check. However, we now have the ability to activate or deactivate the option for ACH (ECheck's) as a choice in the tenant portal.

  • First, on the Rentvine home screen click on the ellipsis by your name and select Settings.
  • Next scroll down to the portal settings and select on Resident Settings.
  • On the settings page you will notice a line item that says "Allow ACH Deposit Return on Move out" to go ahead and change this lets click on Manage Settings on the top right of the screen.
  • Once you have enabled this toggle, your tenants will be able to view the new options in their portal when they submit their move out notice.



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