How to Create and Use Snippets

Snippets enable the creation of reusable text blocks that can be swiftly accessed using keyboard shortcuts. They can be used throughout Rentvine in places such as vendor instructions, descriptions, chat messages, etc...


Currently, Snippets are limited to being used solely on work order descriptions, vendor instructions, closing comments on work orders and mass texting . However, the intention is to make them accessible for use throughout the rest of Rentvine in the near future.

Create Snippets

  • Navigate to Settings > Snippets

  • Click New Snippet

  • Fill out the form:
    • Name - Enter a name for the snippet
    • Template Object - Select which object you will use this snippet.  I.e., Work Orders, Leases, etc... Leave blank if you want to use it in multiple places and will not be adding hotfields to the snippet.
    • Snippet - Enter the body of your snippet in the text rich editor.
    • Shortcut - Provide a name for the snippet shortcut which will be utilized for inserting the snippet in various places such as descriptions, chat messages, vendor instructions, emails, etc...

  • When finished, click Save

Using Snippets

You can use snippets as an efficient way to add text throughout your Rentvine account.  Some examples are when adding notes, entering vendor instructions, entering a description, when writing an email, sending a chat.  It enables you to input a considerable amount of text efficiently and rapidly.

  • Type the # symbol in the text editor, then begin typing the snippet shortcut and select it from the dropdown menu.  (Alternatively you can also press the TAB key or Return Key).  The text editor will automatically populate with the snippet.