How to Create an API Key to Allow Third Party Vendors Access To Your Rentvine Data

This article guides you on how to create an API key and where to find Rentvine's API documentation

Rentvine is the industry’s only truly open, rest API. This means that you have the ability to share your data with any vendor of your choice by providing them with an API key. The responsibility for building the desired integration lies with the third party vendor. Our support team can assist you in generating an API key and documenting the necessary endpoints for the vendor to create the integration.  If you provide an API key to a vendor, it is understood that you intend to share your data with that specific vendor through our API. If there are any endpoints that a vendor requires but are missing from the API documentation, kindly contact our support team. We will ensure that the necessary endpoints are added to the documentation to meet your needs.


If you or any vendors want to learn more on how to utilize Rentvine’s open API outside of this article,  please visit for more information. 


  1. To get started generating an API key you will need to first go to your global settings by clicking the ellipses next to your name in the bottom left and clicking Settings.

  2. Under Account click on Users, Roles, and API.

  3. The next thing you will need to do is set up a "Role" for this API key to use. If you already have a role set up skip to step 4To set up a role click the roles tab at the top and click "New Role". From here you will be able to select all of the role settings you would like this API key to be able to access.

  4. Once you have a role created you can then click on the Api tab at the top (If you have created other Api keys before you will see them listed on this page). Click on the New API Key button in the top right of this box to create a new key. In here you will be able to select the name of this key and the role you have created for it. Click save to create the key.

Please note that you will need to copy down the API Secret that is generated because once you close the window you will not be able to view it unless you generate another secret. 


Your API key has been generated and is now ready for use with any third party vendors that you would like to integrate with. 


Once the API key is created, you have the options to edit the key, update the secret, or delete the key.


When you click edit it will allow you to change the name of the key or the role that is associated to it. 


If you need to update the secret of the API key you can click "Update Secret". Please note that by doing this you will need to update the information with the vendor associated to this as it will be new and void the old secret.


If you would like to delete this API key click the "Delete Key" button. Please also note that this will also get rid of any applications associated with the key and they will not function anymore.