How To Create a Recurring Work Order

Within Rentvine you have the capability to create a recurring work order for specific properties.

Below, I will show you the steps to take in Rentvine to achieve your goal of creating a recurring work order. Currently we offer two simple ways to create this task.

  1. First Way
    • In your Rentvine home screen please head over to the left side and click on Maintenance once the sub tab opens click on Work Orders.
    • From the Work Order Page you will need to click on "Recurring" at the top next to Work Orders. From here you will be shown all the active current Recurring WO's in rentvine if you have any. To add a new one click on the green button on the top right "+Recurring Work Order".
    • A new tab will pop up with the details of the work order that need to be filled (Only the ones with a Red * are mandatory). Its going to ask you for the following.
      • Property
      • Maintenance Category
      • Vendor
      • Estimated Amount - $ for the task to be performed
      • You will have 2 toggles which are Owner Approved/Publish with Owner, For example if the owner is aware that once a year they need to have the A/C Checked out you can approve the WO automatically for him. The Publish toggle is to show this WO in the owner portal.
      • Description Of the Work Order
      • Vendor Instructions
      • Manage By- You are able to select between the different managers within your rentvine users.
      • Start Date/Repeat/ End Date
  2. Second Way
    • From your Rentvine home screen click on "Property" on the Left side and select Properties. Go ahead and search for the property you are looking to create a Recurring WO for.
    • Once you have clicked on the property it will take you to the details page. From here you will need to click on the green actions button on the top right of the page and select "New Recurring Work Order".
    • You will be taken to essentially the same page as before to create a New Recurring Work Order the only difference is now the property tab will be auto filled for you.
  3. Below I have created an example of what I would like a recurring work order to be used for. Once you attach a vendor to this work order a new toggle will pop up for them to be notified via email about the work order.
    • Once you have clicked "save" it will automatically take you to the Recurring Work Order Page and you will notice the new WO you have just created. In the case that you made a mistake and need to edit this just find the WO and click on it and this will take you the details page. From here just click on "Edit" and a side tab will appear on the right side for you to make your corrections. You also have the capability to share this WO with the current tenant of that property if you choose to.
    • In the case that you wish to delete or deactivate this WO you need to just click the ellipsis on the right side on the "Recurring Work Orders Page"and choose one. Keep in mind that if you delete the WO they will no longer be any history pertaining that WO, but if you deactivate it then you will see in under the inactive recurring work orders.


***If you are still having issues with this subject please feel free to send us a ticket to and one of our team members will reach back to you shortly!***