How To Create a Financial Lease (Move In)

Creating a financial lease with move in charges and recurring charges.

  • Click the Green Actions Menu and Choose CREATE LEASE


  • In the lease details page you would add the unit info along with selecting the start and end dates of the lease along with the move in dates.  You can add your late fee settings/rent amount/NSF Fee amount below.


  • Under the tenants page you will add New Tenants or Existing Tenants along with any occupants you need to add.  There is a section for tenant liability insurance and renters insurance information if needed as well.  


  • Add MOVE-IN CHARGES here.

These are any charges that will show on the lease as one time charges based on the dates you enter.  You can also turn on the Prorate toggle if you want it to calculate a prorated amount for you.



These are any charges you create that will automatically apply to the lease each month on the start date and will continue to charge until the end date. If you leave the end date empty, these charges will continue until the lease is no longer "Active" or until you set an end date.


  • Final step is to click on the SEND PORTAL INVITATION and ACTIVATE LEASE toggles. 

This is a detailed breakdown of the lease you created and will review important information like the Rent Amount, Tenants Information, and the Move in / Recurring charges. If there are any corrections needed you can use the "Previous" buttons to change a section or you can simply use the "Edit" features in each category. Lastly you can instantly send "Portal Invitations" and "Activate" the lease from this final review page by simply using the toggle buttons. Your lease will be created once you choose the "Submit" button on the bottom of the screen

*Note: If there is an active lease on the property you cannot use the "Activate lease" option, you will instead leave it toggled "Off" and the lease will be "Pending" until the current lease is closed. 

Click SUBMIT when complete.  Your new lease is added!