How to Correct a Suppressed Fee That Was Added After the Charge Was Created

Did you add a suppressed fee to your additional management fees but it is not showing suppressed on charges that were created before this was added? This article will walk you through updating those charges so they show correctly as suppressed.

This will occur when a charge is added to a lease using a certain chart of account. This will not be suppressed if it has not been added as an additional management fee. Even if you add this as a suppressed fee later in this section, the system does not backdate charges. If a charge was previously created using that chart of account it will not automatically show as a suppressed fee. Below is an example where the charge was created before the management fee was added. If you see this then this article will walk you through updating those older charges that are not showing as suppressed.


  1. To start you will need to go to a lease where this situation occurred. You can then click on the transactions tab to view all of the charges and payments associated to this lease.

  2. Click into the charge that is supposed to be suppressed but isn't. This needs to be reallocated because you can not edit a charge when there is a payment allocated. If there is not a payment allocated to the charge please skip to step 6.

  3. If you scroll down on this page you will be able to see the payment that allocated and paid this specific charge. Click on this allocated payment.

  4. If you scroll down again you will see a "Reapply" button that you will click on. This will allow you to change the amount that is allocating and paying for certain charges.

  5. Since the charge that needs to be changed has a payment allocated, we will need to zero out that amount. To do this look for the charge and erase the current amount applied. You will then need to enter $0.00 dollars in here and click the green "Reapply" button to save this.

  6. Now that the charge does not have any payments allocated to it you are apply to edit it. To do this you will go back to the transactions tab of the lease and click on the charge that needs to be changed. You should now see that this has a banner under it labeled "Amount Unpaid" with the full amount of the charge.

  7.  In here you will need to click on the edit button in the charge details box. This will pull up a screen that will allow you to change different information. This is why the charge can not have any allocated payments attached, because if it did you would not be able to change some of this information.

  8. The important one you need to edit is the "Account". Please note that this will show the account as already being suppressed but we will still need to make these changes so it is. You will need to change this Account to any other chart of account (it does not matter which one as we are going to switch it right back). Make sure to click save after this is done.

  9. You will then need to click the same edit button on these charge details. You will then change the "Account" field back to the same suppressed fee that you had before. This will now be updated and pull from the current management fee. 

  10. If you had to reallocate payments to change this charge you will need to allocate them back to the charge. To do this you will need to go back to the transactions screen and click on the tenant payment that has the flag "Amount Unallocated". 

  11. Scroll down to the "Applied To" section and click the reapply button. You will then need to enter in the amount you want the payment to allocate for this charge. Make sure to click the green "Reapply" button to save this allocation.

  12. You can check if this is suppressed by going back to the transactions tab. There should now be a banner under this charge that says "Suppressed". This will also show when you click on the actual charge, there will be the same banner showing suppressed.

  13. If applicable you can do this same process for all of the suppressed fees you need to change.

Please note that there is a job in Rentvine that runs every hour 5 minutes after the hour. This job automatically reallocates payments that are unallocated based on your global settings. If this happens you may need to reallocate these again.