How to Configure Your Branding Settings and Upload Your Company Logo

This article will show you how to enter your company's website URL, Address and Phone number. It will also show you how to upload your company Logo.

The company's website URL, Address, Phone number and Logo are used when generating some documents and are also shown on some of pages that the public can access.  Below are the places that uses the information that you enter in this section

  • Header section of Owner Statements
  • Header section of letters generated from letter templates that have the header enabled
  • Header section of the public application page (if you are using Rentvine's Application and Screening)

Follow the steps below to update your branding:

  1. Go to the global Settings

  2. Find the Account section and select Account Manager

  3. Scroll to the Branding section and click Edit to modify the following fields
    • Website URL - enter your company's URL
    • Address - Enter your company's address
    • Phone - Enter your company's phone number
    • Upload Logo  or Edit Logo - Click on the button in order to upload your company logo.
  4. Click Save when finished.