How do you Configure ID Verification within the Application Template?

Enabling the Identity Verification section within your Application Builder.

Enabling the Identity Verification section will add Plaid Identity Verification to your application. Plaid provides a client that requires the applicant to upload photos of their identification documents. Plaid is able to verify the authenticity of the uploaded documents with a facial comparison from a selfie taken by the applicant.  The cost is $5.00 per report. 


  • Locate your Username on bottom left hand side of Navigation
  • Click on Ellipsis (three dots)
  • Select Settings



  • Select Application Templates



  • Select which Application Template(s) you want to activate the ID Verification 
  • Click on the Ellipsis (three dots) - IF you have multiple application templates, you will do this for each application template you want ID Verification activated on 



  • Select Builder



  • Scroll down to locate Identity Verification Section
  • Click within the pink-purple Identity Verification Section to activate this Section by clicking on the Active Toggle to the right hand side
  • To save changes, Click on Save and Quit