How to Collect a Lease Fee or Renewal Fee

Did you create a new lease and want to charge the owner a lease fee? Are you doing a renewal and want to charge the owner a renewal fee? This article shows you how to collect a lease fee or renewal fee that is charged/billed to the owner/portfolio

Adding a Renewal to a Lease - Watch Video

  1. Navigate to the current lease you are want to collect the fee
    1. Click on Leases on the left side
    2. In the lease search box, search for the address or tenant(s)
    3. Click on the lease when you have found the correct lease

  2. Once in the Lease, scroll down until you get to the Lease Fee or Renewal card section. Select either Collect Lease Fee or Add Renewal depending on what you are trying to accomplish

  3. When collecting lease fees, Rentvine will automatically calculate the lease fee based on the settings set on the management fee profile.  You are able to edit the amount here. When you are content with the amount, choose Collect.  *Note the Date Posted will be the date the lease fee will be charged/billed.

  4. For adding a Renewal fee, enter a renewal date, along with the rest of the fields below, and toggle Charge Renewal Fee on. Enter the Renewal Fee amount along with the date posted and select Save. *Note the Date Posted will be the date the Renewal Charge will be charged /billed

  5. After charging/billing a lease fee or a renewal fee:
    • If your Rentvine account is in management fee mode, the amount will automatically be transferred from the owner/portfolio ledger to your manager ledger. You will notice an increase to the manager ledger and a decrease to the owner's ledger
    • If your Rentvine account is in bill management fee mode, a bill will be created for the amounts of the lease or renewal fee.