How to Change the Reserve Amount of a Portfolio

Are you looking to modify the reserve amount of a portfolio? Follow the steps below to change it.

This amount will automatically be held back when doing your distributions. The reserve amount on a portfolio is calculated by taking the sum of the reserves on each property that are owned by the portfolio.  In order to change the portfolio reserve, you have to change the reserve amount of the properties that are owned by the portfolio.


Step 1 - Find the Portfolio that you want to update its reserve

  • Search for the portfolio in the global search and select it


  • From the left navigation menu, click on Portfolios.  Then search for the portfolio and select it

Step 2 - Review the current reserve amount on the Portfolio

  • In the details page of the Portfolio look for the Reserve Amount field and verify the amount.

  • If you still want to change the reserve move on to Step 3


Step 3  - Change the reserve amount on the property or properties owned by the portfolio

  • Click on the Properties tab and select the property that you want to update

  • Once you are on the property page click on the Settings tab.

  • Under the Settings menu, click on the Edit button in the Accounting Settings section.

  • Enter in the new Reserve Amount

  • Click the Save button at the bottom
  • Do this for each property that you want to modify the reserve amount.  Once the property reserves have been modified, the portfolio reserve amount will reflect the changes.