How to Add/Create Email Templates

Save your email templates so you can use them in future emails. This article shows how to set it up and save it. Once the template has been created it can be used when sending one email or mass emails.

  • Go to the settings page (click on the ellipsis next to your name in the lower left corner of the page and select Settings)


  • On the next screen, Click on Email Templates
  • On the Email Templates screen, click on the Actions button and select the template that you would like to create.


  • On the next screen, enter the email template details
  • Click on the i icon if you would like to add hotfields to the template. 

  • You can also upload any files that you would like to attach as part of the email template by dragging the file into the box at the bottom of the page

  • Click on the Save button when finished
  • Once a template is saved you can Preview or Delete it by clicking on the ellipsis menu.  If you want to Edit the template just click on its name.


  • Once the template has been created it can be used to send mass emails or to send an email by going to the messages tab of a vendor, lease, portfolio, application or work order and clicking Compose.  From there you will have the option to select an email template.