How to Add/Edit Tax Adjustments

There are times that you need to enter 1099 amounts for owners and vendors. This is usually needed if you have amounts that you need to enter from your old software. This article will show you how to enter those amounts.

The article will show you how to enter tax adjustment amounts for:

  1. Owners
  2. Vendors

Find Contact (Owner or Vendor) and enter 1099 adjustment

A couple of ways to find an owner or vendor are:

  • Search for the owner or vendor name in the global search bar


  • From the left navigation menu click on:
    • Contacts / Owners


    • Contacts / Vendors

  • Click on the contact to see the details page.

  • Once you are in the detail page scroll down until you see the Tax Adjustments card.
  • Click on Add Tax Adjustment

  • A pop up will appear where you can add the tax amount. 
    • Amount - Enter a positive ($1,000.00) or negative amount (-$1,000.00).
    • Date - Enter a date.  For example, If you want this amount to be reported for tax year 2021 then enter a date that is in 2021. ie 12/31/2021.
    • Enter a Description.
    • Click Save

  • Once the amount has been entered it will show in the Tax Adjustments card.  If you need to edit or delete the entry you can click on the 3 dots on the far right of the entry.  You will be given options to edit or delete.