How to Add or Edit the Images of a Property or Unit

The images of a property will be all of the images used when activating the listing for the property and will be the images pulled. This article will show you how to upload or edit those images.

1.  Click on the "Property" tab on the left side of the screen. Under that click on the tab called "Properties" to pull up the entire list of properties.

2.  Search for the specific property you want to edit the images of.



3.  The next step it to go into the Images Subtab inside of that property details page. In this section you will be able to add images by dragging the file of the picture into the upload box or clicking on it to bring up your files. 



4.  To delete an image click on the trash can icon once in the bottom right of a specific image. Once you click the Trash can Icon the image will delete automatically, you can also do a mass delete by select all the images. 



5.  Reorder Images which will allow you to change the order you view the images by dragging them where you want (make sure to click save image order to save changes), Download Images, and Delete All Images. Please select on one image and this will bring up the image tab.



6.  If you click on the ellipses on a specific image it will bring up the options for it. The options are to edit which allows you to change the file name and add a caption to the image (Make sure to press save when making changes). An option to download the image. There is also an option to "Set Default" which will set it as the main picture that you will see when pulling up the property by clicking the Main photo Box on the desired image. 


Please note that you will need to set a default image on the property to market your properties