How to Add New/Existing Tenant

This article will show you how to add New Tenants to the lease if they are not in the system. It will also explain how to add an Existing Tenant to the lease if they have already been entered into rentvine.

  • From the dashboard view of Rentvine, click on Leases on the left hand side
  • On the next screen, enter the Address/Tenant the lease belongs to in the search field
  • From the search results, click the lease that you would like to change
  • In the Tenants section, Click the white Actions button

  • In the drop down Actions Option, choose Add Existing Tenant or Add New Tenant
  • Click Add Existing Tenant if the tenant(s) are already in Rentvine. 
  • Click Add New Tenant if the tenant for this lease does not already exist in Rentvine.

Note: You can add multiple tenants to the lease, if needed.

Adding Existing Tenant:

  • Enter in/Select the Name of the Tenant. This field is required.
  • Enter in/Select the Move in Date. This field is required.
  • Click the Green Save Button at the bottom

Adding New Tenant:

    • Enter in the Name of the Tenant. 
    • Enter in the email address
    • Enter in the Phone Number
    • Select the Phone Type
    • Enter in/Select the Move in Date
    • Click the Save Button at the bottom