How to Add/Edit Appliances on a Property or Unit

Do you need to add extra or edit current appliances attached to a property? This article will show you how to add & edit appliances in any property or unit in Rentvine

1.  Click on the "Property" tab on the left side of the screen. Under that click on the tab called "Properties" to pull up the entire list of properties.

2.  Search for the specific property you want to add or edit appliances in.

3.  The next step it to go into the details tab inside of that property. Scroll down until you see a box labeled "Appliances". In the top right of that box click on "Add Appliance".



4.  This will pull up a side tab in the middle of the page where you will select the type of appliance you are adding. You will then fill out any other information you would like to add about the appliance. When you are done make sure to click the green save button at the bottom of the side bar to save any changes made.




If you would like to Edit an appliance:

Go to the same box labeled appliances. Once there is an appliance added it will show up in this box. You will go to the appliance you want to edit and on the right side of the screen there will be three dots that you will click on. This will bring up a dropdown and select edit. This will bring up the same side bar to add any information you would like.