How to Add an Alert in Rentvine

Do you want to add an alert for you and your users whenever they click on a Portfolio, Property, Lease, Work Order etc.? This article will show you how to create these alerts

Alerts are useful in Rentvine if you would like a notification to pop up on the screen whenever you or any of your users that you have on the management side of Rentvine click on any of these specific tabs with an alert attached.

Rentvine offers a helpful feature called alerts, which triggers a pop-up notification on your screen whenever you or any of your designated users on the management side of Rentvine click on specific areas that have alerts associated with them. This ensures that you receive timely notifications when interacting with these sections.

You can attach an alert to almost any page that you would like. For example you can attach an alert to a specific portfolio, property, lease, application, work order, payment, bill, lease charge, owner contact, vendor contact, or tenant contact.


For this specific example I will add an alert to a portfolio, but the section for alerts appear in the same spot on all of these different areas. To get started you will first need to go to the associated area you would like to add an alert to. Again, for this example we will click on Portfolios. In here we will click on the specific Portfolio we want to add the alert to.


While in here you will see two blue arrows in the very top right of your screen. When you click on this a side tab will pop out with a couple of different options. You will click on the alerts dropdown. To add an alert to this specific portfolio click the "Add Alert" button. 


Add the body of your alert in the paragraph field. Once you click save this alert will be saved and will appear whenever you or any of your users click on this portfolio.

Please note that alerts will be in the same spot for whichever area you are in by clicking those two blue arrows in the top right.


You will also be able to view all of the alerts that are put in this section. If you click the ellipses on the right side of an alert you will have the options to either edit what the alert says or delete the alert all together.


Here is an example of how the alert looks when viewing on the portfolio. This will be the same for all alerts when clicking on their associated area.


You can also add multiple alerts in this section and they will all appear when anyone enters this screen.