How to Add a Report to Favorites

Do you have reports that you use frequently and want a quick way to run these reports? This article will walk you through adding favorite reports.

  • To get started you will need to click on the reports tab. In here you can click into any report you would like to save as a favorite report. To favorite a report you can click the heart icon in the top right and this will add it to your favorites.

  • If you go back to the main reports tab you will be able to view and quickly run these reports from your favorites section.

Favorite reports are per user. This means that each user in your Rentvine account can set their own favorite reports based on the reports that they run the most.


  • You can quickly add favorite reports from the main reports screen as well. You can click the ellipses next to any report on this screen and click favorite. This will add them into your favorites section. This includes any saved reports you may have or any custom reports you have made. 

  • To remove a report from your favorites you can click on the ellipses and click remove. You can also click on the report from your favorites and click the heart icon to remove it from your favorites.