How To Add a Co-Signer-Guarantor in your Lease.

Below will be the steps to guide you on the process of adding a Co-Signer/Guarantor.

These Co-signers/ guarantors will need to be added  in Rentvine is using "Custom Fields".  You are able to create multiple fields in your Lease details page to be able to enter this information in you applicant lease.

  1. Go to your global settings by click the ellipsis by your name on the bottom left and click on settings.
  2. Scroll down in your global settings to where is says "Others" and click on custom fields.
  3. You will select "Lease" as your subject to where the custom fields is going to be located.
  4. Once you get to the lease page click on "Add Category" and it will ask you for a name you can type "Co-Signer"
  5. After creating that category you will need to create a field, click on the blue actions button on the right right and select "New Field".
  6. Once you create the field it's going to ask you for a "Name" and "Field Type". For the name you are going to add (name) once again, so the details section will show the name of the co-signer. For the field type, there are multiple fields you can choose from for whatever field is most convenient for you.
  7. Now if you would like to add more information for the co-signer you will just keep adding more fields. For example if you would like their email/phone/name to go on the lease.
  8. Once you finish creating your Custom Fields, you must go into the lease that you are working on and head to the details page and manually enter their information.
  9. Scroll down toward the bottom of the details page to view your custom fields. Now you can just enter their information by click on the pencil icon on the right side of this custom field.

***Please Note that Co-Signer/Guarantors WILL NOT have access to tenant portals. These portals are only for those who have financial responsibility within the lease. In the case that a Co-Signer need to go in a make a payment they will need to use the portal of the person they co-signed  (Ex; Sibling or child). In the case that you need to grant them portal access you will need to add them as a tenant on the lease.


If you are still having issue with this subject please send us a ticket to for more help!