How long does it take to send eCheck (ACH) payments to Owners or Vendors?

This article explains the timeframe that it takes for eCheck (ACH) to reach an owners or vendors bank account.

We pay our payment processor extra for “One-Day Funding.” Here is what that means. When you process an ACH to your owners, it takes one business day to move the money from one account to another. A business day means that if you process the transaction before the bank's transaction cut off time, it will fund the next business day (Weekends and holidays are not business days).

Every bank has a different transaction cut off. It’s usually sometime around noon for electronic payments. If you miss that cutoff, then the following day becomes your one business day, and it will not fund until the day after the business day (So two business days). The receiving bank can sometimes hold those funds as well, which is completely out of Rentvine's and our payment processors control.


  • Process an owner ACH Monday morning. Owner will receive their payment on Tuesday if there is no receiving bank delay.
  • Process an owner ACH late Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. Since you missed the cut off, and Monday is a holiday, Tuesday becomes the next business day. The payment will fund on Wednesday if there are no bank delays.


For best results, process owner payments early in the day and week