How do I submit a work order from the Tenant Portal?

Learn How to Submit a Work Order Through the Tenant Portal.

All residents should have received an invite to your new tenant portal. If you have not received and accepted this invite to create your account please contact your property manager. They will provide you the login url. Many will also have the portal links on their websites. Login to the tenant portal. 

The portals are fully responsive which means they will work on any device or screen size. If you are on a smaller screen or mobile device there will be a menu icon to select to bring open the menu that you see on the left. 

This left side navigation will allow you to perform any actions needed within the portal. Please select the option of Service Requests. This will show you all service requests that are currently open and shared with you for your property. 

To create a new service request please click the GREEN Create Service Request button, as shown below.



This will open a new window allowing you to fill out the necessary information to create the service request. Enter the priority, add a detailed description. Please provide as much information as you can here for the property manager so that they can be sure to assign the correct vendor as quickly as possible. Add an incident location such as "Kitchen Sink" where applicable. 

If you would like to be present for service, which means you will be required to be at the property while the vendor is there to perform the repair, please turn that option on as seen below. This will bring up a new set of options for scheduling. 

Above the time options there will be a required number time slots to choose. Please select that number of time windows that work for you to be available for the vender to perform the maintenance. These time windows will be sent to the assigned vendor. 

Please also add an image of the issue. This helps the property manager get a better understanding of your issue so that they can get the correct vendor assigned.

Click on the GREEN submit button to send your request to the property manager.


If you receive a message that the vendor has suggested alternate times please log into the portal and accept a suggested time. 

You may add additional documents, images etc to the request once it has been submitted. The STATUS of the request will be in the upper right corner of the page. The status will be updated by the property manager after the request has been reviewed.



All service requests will have a group chat available. This will allow you to chat directly with the property manager and vendor if one is assigned to the request. You will receive notification of chat messages for this work order via text message. You can add additional documents or images to this chat as well. 



Once maintenance is complete, the service request status will be changed to closed. You may have more than one service request open at a time. Please be sure to always respond to any chats and provide the property manager and vendor with items they need to complete the requested service.

Click on the service request tab in the navigation again to take you back to the list of all service requests that are shared with you.